You're the master and king of a great dungeon. You're sick of it ! All these useless minions and this moisty and dirty place ! You wanna get out, and beat the crap out of everyone on your path !

Z or UP to jump
Space to attack !

This game was an entry for the GDL Game Jam #2 ! Made in 48 hours


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Pretty cool little game.

1- I liked the drawn characters, i feel it would have been better if the floor and background had a similar drawn look and wasn't minecraft :)

2-(if not playing on itch) the game doesn't scale correctly to the window size. works fine on itch though.

3-as far as i can tell there is no sound, if it does it doesn't playing for me

4- if would be nice to have more enemy variety(maybe something that pops out of the ground like the fish from the original sonic game)

5-The "How to play" button on the main menu doesn't work but this doesnt matter due to controls in the description

NOTE:I didn't check the jam time so i don't know how much time you had but its a pretty cool game :)

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Thanks for the feedback, it's highly appreciated !

No, there is no sound actually ! That's normal, well it shouldn't be x)
While the GDL Game Jam was a 72 hours jam we made our game in 48 hours (36 effective hours), we were two on our team

I enjoyed this (: 

I really liked what looked like paper drawn characters, I've not seen that before. The sliding was satisfying to do and the way the defeated enemies fall through the ground was a nice touch.

The game would speed up but then slow down which confused me a little as I imagined it was meant to speed up constantly but wasn't too inconvenient. Took me a while to realize I could jump lol so I just kept ramming into the barrels but luckily they don't kill you. 

Really nice work and thanks for the fun :D

Thanks for the comment ! I really appreciate it

The speeding is quite buggy, actually it is supposed to go faster. A bit of learning to do on that side I suppose.